Young artist falls asleep with papier maché mask of Marlene Dietrich on her lap, 1950.  

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Petra Feriancova uses a wide range of contemporary visual languages, from conceptual painting through installations, in situ works and photographs. She finds inspiration in her own emotional reactions, explores processes of perception, memory and ways of their interpretation. Her photographic reflections lead to questions and doubts about the space in which we move and live. They reflect reality in a fictional way.

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The Importance of Scars, Shelley Brenner Baird

Fabric, 2012


"Beside Herself," a collaboration between Toronto printmakers Alda Escareño and Carolyn Self.


Making more cactus and tooth brooches for etsy.

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michelasaid asked: Hi, I am currently reading a degree in Fine Arts at Malta College of Arts, Malta. I am looking to interview foreign artists who work with textile as a medium in their art practice within a fine art context. These interviews are part of my research for my thesis with the purpose of investigating the use of textiles in the contemporary art practice through installation art. I would highly appreciate if you accept. This will be used only for my research. Thank you. Regards, Michela

Hi Michela - that sounds really interesting. I would be happy to talk to you about my art practice and textiles. Let me know how you want to do this. :)


Maria J. Luque

essam marouf

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