Gustavo Peña,

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Sum times ppl do mean things 2 e/o cos they R animals & sum times it is becuz they want 2 be animals again

Liisa Kruusmagi

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'The Stitch is Lost Unless the Thread is Knotted' by Aya Haidar

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We’re all kind of weird and twisted and drowning.

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i found this in another school cubicle. the next day it had been painted over 

"the ones you love become ghosts inside you,

and like this you keep them alive”

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Young artist falls asleep with papier maché mask of Marlene Dietrich on her lap, 1950.  

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Petra Feriancova uses a wide range of contemporary visual languages, from conceptual painting through installations, in situ works and photographs. She finds inspiration in her own emotional reactions, explores processes of perception, memory and ways of their interpretation. Her photographic reflections lead to questions and doubts about the space in which we move and live. They reflect reality in a fictional way.

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